An Arborist: 3 Tree Care Services That Demand Their Professional Attention

12 July 2019
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Trees don't just add value to your property and home, but they also boost the health of your community in a big way. This means that trees are a great investment, and they need professional care and maintenance to stay beautiful and healthy. Conversely, trees can become a dangerous hazard and significant liability if they don't get professional tree care services from a certified arborist. An arborist is someone who specialises in the art and science of tree care and maintenance to enhance structural soundness, beauty and health of your trees. Read More 

Should You Remove a Tree Growing Close to a Powerline?

18 March 2019
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Trees that grow too close to powerlines or that actually touch them are a hazard. They can cause power outages and may increase the chances of getting electric shocks. If a tree on your property looks like it's going to spurt up too close to a powerline, then you need to find a way to keep the tree away from the line. In some cases, regular pruning may do the job for you; in other cases, removal is a better option. Read More