Essential Tips for Using a Tree Lopper

11 January 2022
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Keeping trees healthy should be your number one priority if you have some growing around your property. The reason is that only healthy trees provide shade, a breeze, stable soil, and a beautiful lawn. One of the essential tools you need to maintain trees is a pair of loppers. The devices are used to trim off dead or extra-long branches. That said, using a tree lopper is not as straightforward as using a pair of scissors. This post highlights essential tips for using a tree lopper.

Do Not Extend Your Arms

One of the most significant benefits of tree loppers is reaching high branches thanks to the long handles. Besides, the handles keep your hands comfortable, allowing you to work longer. However, some people tend to extend their arms when using loppers to trim high branches. Unfortunately, extending your arms while using tree loppers exposes you to injuries because you tire faster. Besides possible injuries, working with extended arms might cause you to make weak cuts. If you find yourself extending your arms when using a pair of loppers, get a ladder. It will help you reach high branches and allow you to make accurate cuts.

Don't Twist Loppers

Cuts made by a tree lopper should be clean to prevent injuries to branches. Most tree injuries occur when the cutting base of loppers twists, damaging important channels that supply a branch with nutrients. Thus, you should avoid twisting a pair of tree loppers while cutting off branches. In addition, a tree lopper is most likely to rotate if it is too heavy since you will struggle to keep it steady. The cutting edge can also twist if a branch is too big for the tool's mouth. Most importantly, use a lopper you can easily carry and operate so that you can make a clean cut every time.

Do Not Overuse Loppers

Loppers can cut anything hand pruners can; hence, it is easy to over-rely on them for all your trimming needs. Moreover, the elongated handles make loppers easy to use. However, it is the last thing you should do because overusing loppers leads to premature wear or damage. You should understand that while loppers can cut most branches, you should not use them on tiny or larger branches. Therefore, you should think about purchasing tools that complement your loppers, such as shears and pruners. This way, you have a tool for trimming the different branches on your trees.