An Arborist: 3 Tree Care Services That Demand Their Professional Attention

12 July 2019
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Trees don't just add value to your property and home, but they also boost the health of your community in a big way. This means that trees are a great investment, and they need professional care and maintenance to stay beautiful and healthy. Conversely, trees can become a dangerous hazard and significant liability if they don't get professional tree care services from a certified arborist. An arborist is someone who specialises in the art and science of tree care and maintenance to enhance structural soundness, beauty and health of your trees. So a certified arborist provides numerous services to maintain your trees in good shape and health, including the following:

Tree Removal

Tree removal is usually the last option when other preventive tree care options have failed. An arborist considers certain aspects and circumstances before they decide to remove a tree. They carry out a professional tree risk assessment to know if they should remove the tree or not. They also have the right equipment and expertise to ensure tree removal is efficient and safe. Tree removal is crucial if you have a more suitable replacement specimen or if a certified arborist deems the tree hazardous. Arborists remove diseased, dead, crowding or dying trees or those near powerlines or even development or construction sites.

Tree Planting

Most people just associate an arborist with tree trimming, pruning and removal services, but they hardly know they are involved when planting trees. A certified arborist will not just recommend the best tree species you should plant on your property, but they will also propose the best planting practices to use. Most people later experience some serious tree problems because they got the wrong trees in the wrong location during planting. Poor growth, infestations, diseases and limited growing space are some of the future tree problems you expect if you don't involve a certified arborist during tree planting. Arborists have the special equipment and skills required when planting large trees, and they know the planting depth required to support growth.

Tree Pruning

Pruning improves and maintains the health of your trees in a big way. Arborists don't just know why trees should be pruned but also when it's appropriate and how it should be done. You won't improve or maintain the appearance, health and safety of your trees if you leave pruning in some inexperienced hands. Pruning removes heavy and excessive branches, and it safely shapes misshapen or damaged trees. Besides removing dead, diseased or weak limbs, professional pruning also boosts the structural integrity of the trees and prevents potential storm damage.

If you thought that tree care and maintenance is a simple task anyone can do, you now know why only a certified arborist should do it. Most arborists provide a no-cost quote, and they answer any question you have concerning your trees. Work closely with professional arborists if you want your trees to remain the beautiful and valuable resources you have on your property.