Will A Chemical Stump Remover Get Rid of Your Tree Stump?

20 November 2018
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Old tree stumps don't look great in your yard; they also get in the way. It's hard to mow around a stump and, if you want to do some work on your garden like paving, then you need to remove the stump and its roots first. If you want to get rid of the stump once and for all, then you may be considering using chemicals to get the stump out. Read More 

Reasons You Should Choose to Plant Native Trees over Imported Trees in Your Garden

25 July 2018
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Whether you want to attract native birds, protect your garden, pets, and family from the hot sun, or just grow something that doesn't require much maintenance, the native trees of Australia are probably what you're searching for. But why is this the case? And why are native trees a better choice for your garden than non-native trees? Better for the Environment         Because foreign trees have evolved alongside foreign creatures, which they've likely created complex relationships with (symbiotic relationships, for example), they are more likely to harbour invasive pests that can't live off Australia's native flora. Read More