Reasons You Should Choose to Plant Native Trees over Imported Trees in Your Garden

25 July 2018
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Whether you want to attract native birds, protect your garden, pets, and family from the hot sun, or just grow something that doesn't require much maintenance, the native trees of Australia are probably what you're searching for. But why is this the case? And why are native trees a better choice for your garden than non-native trees?

Better for the Environment        

Because foreign trees have evolved alongside foreign creatures, which they've likely created complex relationships with (symbiotic relationships, for example), they are more likely to harbour invasive pests that can't live off Australia's native flora. One simple foreign tree may not seem like it could make much of a difference, but in reality simple, single trees can act like a node or headquarters in the foreign Australian environment for invaders such as foreign fungi, insects, or other pests.

Low Maintenance

Having evolved to live in the harsh Australian environment, most native trees of Australia are very hardy when it comes to the burning sun, high temperatures, and low levels of water, and can therefore often survive in conditions which most imported trees would struggle at best! Also, because native trees have evolved to live in Australian soils, you'll also likely require less fertilizer to keep your tree healthy, so you'll save on fertilizer as well!

Save on Your Bills

Apart from saving on fertilizer, there are also a few other ways that planting native trees can save you cash. For example, though it may seem obvious to some, many of us forget just how little water native plants can live off. But when was the last time you heard of someone watering a tree? Do any trees really need much water? It can be hard to notice or gauge how much water a tree absorbs, because most of the water they use is sapped from further underground than most other plants, and trees usually use water which other plants otherwise would, requiring you to water your garden much more to stop your plants from dehydrating!

Attract Native Fauna

Birds, Bugs, and other critters usually can't change their habits nearly as easily as humans can, and most humans know how hard it is to change their own habits! Native Australian fauna have evolved their habits over many, many millennia. These habits include those related to nesting, mating, feeding, etc. The longer you watch such creatures, the more complex their behaviours can seem. These behaviours can't simply be adapted to a completely different environment, like that provided by a non-native tree, for example.

Superficially, trees may all seem very similar, but if you get down to the chemical level, you can see that two different species of tree are often far more different from each other than any two animals! Not to mention, by planting native trees in your garden, you'll be creating a pocket of home for Australia's native fauna, which is too rare these days. Native trees will produce native smells and chemicals, attracting native microorganisms and insects, which will feed the native birds, which will then live, nest, and procreate in your garden.