Understanding The Benefits Of Tree Lopping

15 September 2020
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Tree lopping is a practice done to care for tree branches that are unnecessary. The process of lopping entails chopping tree branches and removing unnecessary lateral branches. Tree lopping is one of the important elements of tree care. Here is a breakdown of some of the benefits of tree lopping.

Improve the Aesthetics of the Tree

Tree lopping can be done for aesthetic purposes. If you want to control the look of your trees, you can do it by lopping the branches. A tree lopping service will use aesthetic tree lopping to create attractive shapes with the branches and to control the overall figure of the tree.

In some cases, you can ask the tree lopper to trim or cut branches so they may look prettier. An example of tree lopping for aesthetics is lion tailing. With this method, the lopper removes the branches of the tree until the tree resembles a lion's tail after pruning. However, there are some trees that could be adversely affected by procedures such as lion tailing because it affects the stability of the tree. Therefore, before you ask your lopper to perform aesthetic lopping, it would be best that they inspect the condition of the tree to see whether this procedure will undermine its health.

Improve the Health of the Tree

A tree lopper will enhance the stability and health of a tree through lopping. This procedure promotes the proper growth of new branches. Additionally, removing dead limbs improves the tree's health

Deadwood is a host to fungi, mould, insects, and bugs that undermine the tree. When these parasites attack a tree, it becomes weak to the point that it cannot be saved, even by lopping. Therefore, it is important to prune a tree when it shows some signs of weakness or disease before it is too late to save it.


One of the main reasons to perform tree lopping is to make your surroundings safe. Tall trees can be a great concern, especially during extreme wind conditions or storms. These trees tend to lose their stability and fall or drop branches.

Tree lopping is also a safety measure against limb failure. A special form of lopping called weight reduction pruning focuses on lateral limbs. This form of lopping helps prevent your tree from interfering with nearby property and power lines and allows more sunlight to other plants. It also prevents storm damage by allowing more wind to blow through.

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