Tree Service: Give Your Landscape a Grand Makeover With Tree Maintenance

11 October 2017
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Tree lopping may be termed as an act of maintenance to the trees as well as the surroundings. This entails pruning, trimming, hedging and pollarding the trees. It is crucial that you call in a tree arborist to help you determine what should be done to the trees. In the extreme cases, the trees have to be cut. Here are a few tree services that you can subject your trees to.

Tree Pruning

This involves the hedging and pollarding of the branches and overgrowth of the trees. Sometimes the trees overgrow and occupy a lot of space. If the tree fills a significant amount of space, it tends to reduce the aesthetic beauty of the premises. For this reason, it is vital that you prune your trees from time to time. Pollarding may be referred to as a unique form of pruning which involves cutting off the overgrowth at regular intervals. For this case, your trees can have a growth of one to two years before you can pollard them. It is essential to keep the ranges constant to reduce the risk of branch failure. On the other hand, hedging entails cutting off vigorous regrowth and poorly attached unions. By so doing you give the tree stability and improve their appearance.

Tree Removal

A tree is either an asset or liability. If the tree poses a danger to the occupants of the area, it can be termed as a liability. Before deciding to remove a tree, it is crucial that you contact a tree arborist for a tree risk assessment. Just like human beings, trees also get diseases. In this case, the arborist will advise you on the removal or treatment of the tree. If the tree is beyond repair, you may cut it down. By cutting the diseased trees down, you can have a brighter and spacious area. Cutting a tree by yourself can pose a risk to you. For this reason, it is essential that you call in tree removal services to help you get rid of the tree safely and efficiently.

Tree Stump Grinding

After the tree is cut down, there is that bottom part of the tree that remains rooted on the ground. Tree stumps can alter the beauty of your home. The removal of the stump can be quite challenging if you do not have the required equipment and machinery. For the stump removal, you need to call in a stump grinding specialist to help you with the removal. By having the stump ground, you can have a well-levelled field that you can plant grass or flowers. As a result, your home environment attains the desired beauty.