Important Questions to Ask About Keeping a Tree Healthy and Vibrant

28 April 2016
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When you have a tree on your property, especially one that is particularly old and that provides lots of shade and visual appeal, you may want to do everything you can to keep it healthy and vibrant. If it seems to have some dead branches or is otherwise struggling to thrive, don't get ready to have it removed just yet. Here are a few questions you might want to ask an arborist or tree service company about its overall care so you can keep it healthy.

1. Ask how this tree in particular should be pruned or lopped

Not every tree needs to be pruned in the same way; branches that don't get a lot of sunlight may not thrive and may need to be cut so the tree can thrive, or uneven ground may put added stress on one side of the tree. Trimming it according to its own growth patterns may keep it healthy.

Note too that there is a correct way to lop or trim branches; usually this needs to be done at an angle so you don't cause too much damage to the branch when it's cut. You also want to ensure you're cutting branches that will allow for light exposure, rather than just trimming longer branches haphazardly. If it seems too complicated to learn how to trim or prune your tree in particular, have a tree services company do this for you instead.

2. Ask if your property needs addressing

If the roots of the tree are holding too much moisture, you might need a retaining wall to hold back some moisture from underground. Your property might also benefit from being graded or sloped in a way that allows for moisture runoff. These simple fixes might allow your tree's roots to grow healthier and stronger and your tree would then thrive.

3. Ask for signs of when a tree is outright dead and in danger of falling

While you may want to keep a tree healthy and vibrant, you also need to know when it's beyond saving. When a tree services company comes to your property to lop or prune the tree, they can examine it and note its progress over the months to see if it's being restored to good health or is becoming more decayed. They can also tell you the signs to look for to note when it does need to be removed so that there is no danger of it falling and potentially causing injury or property damage.

For more information, contact a tree removal company.