Bushfires, Floods and Tree Removal: What You Need to Know

10 July 2015
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Tree removal is not always such a straightforward process. Just because the tree is on your property, you are not necessarily permitted to remove it, although there are always exceptions. You also need to think about whether the removal is smart, and this is a particularly pressing concern in areas prone to flooding. So if you live in an area that can be affected by flooding or bushfires, what do you need to know about tree removal? Read More 

What Precautions Should DIY Tree Loppers Keep In Mind?

7 May 2015
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Tree lopping is the practice of cutting off the top of a tree. You might need to do this for any number of reasons, such as controlling its height. A competent person, such as an arborist, should ideally carry out this activity. This is because tree lopping can have adverse effects such as exposing tree branches to too much sunshine. However, many homeowners choose to lop their own trees. This article discusses some precautions that a homeowner should bear in mind as he or she lops a tree. Read More