5 Instances When It Makes More Sense to Remove a Tree

24 May 2021
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Trees are useful to the environment, humans, and animals. More often than not, you'll enjoy the shade they bring and the coziness they add to your area of residence. Owing to the social and biological merits linked to trees, the last thing you ever want to think about is to bring down a tree that has offered you immense benefits over the years. However, there comes a time when tree removal is of utmost necessity. Here are the five situations when it makes sense to remove a tree. 

They're Causing Problems in the Landscaping 

Some trees grow where they shouldn't. And while they may not be a threat when young, they can pose a significant landscaping problem in the future. Quite too often, trees hinder the growth of grass and plants growing underneath them. Therefore, removing trees to make way for the flourishing of your lawn and other plants is a perfectly reasonable idea. 

They're Interfering with Structures on the Property

The leaves shed by trees cause significant gutter problems throughout the fall. Another common instance when removing a tree might be more sensible than keeping it is when it grows too tall to the point of touching the electric lines. Tree removal might be vital in this scenario to avert possible electrical accidents during heavy storms and frost. 

They're Experiencing Storm-Related Damages

Storms, high winds, and ice can cause irreversible harm to trees. With just a little tremor, a tree can break and eventually die down. These are also unsightly and may destroy buildings and injure people when they fall off unexpectedly. 

They're Infected With Diseases and Insects

Diseases and insects, such as the emerald ash borer, could be killing your trees. Although your arborists can diagnose and treat diseased and insect-infested trees, there are times when the situation is beyond rescue. In that case, it's only prudent to cut down the trees to avoid the spread of the infection to the other healthy trees. 

They're Posing Additional Safety Concerns

Large trees can obstruct access to and from your property and hinder a clear view of your outdoors. Besides, trees planted too close to the house will block access to doors, windows, and garages. Even after a thorough trimming, the trees with very large trunks may continue to pose the same challenges. The best solution is to remove the tree. 

Tree removal is necessary for any of the instances highlighted above. Even so, you shouldn't carry out the project on your own since trees are bulky and may cause accidents if mishandled. Call a tree removal service for a safe and speedy process.