Questions You Might Have About Tree Stump Removal From Your Property

2 May 2016
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Tree stumps shouldn't always be left on a property; there are many times when it's good to just have them pulled up and taken away. If you have an old tree stump in your yard and it's been suggested by a landscaping company that you remove it, you might wonder why, and if you should try to do this job yourself. Note a few questions that many people have about tree stump removal from your property and then discuss these with a tree removal service if you need more information

1. Why remove a tree stump?

It's easy to see why a tree may need to be removed; the branches could be dangerously close to your house or to power lines and cables. However, a tree stump can also cause damage to your property in that they can become home to pests when they rot. Termites and other such pests can then more readily make their way to your home. A tree stump might also be a fire hazard if it's old and dry.

2. Why not remove a tree stump yourself?

The roots of the tree stump might also be wrapping around plumbing pipes in your yard, potentially breaking them and causing cracks and leaks. Pulling up the stump can mean pulling up the roots and doing more damage to those pipes. The job may also be more difficult than you realize, as those roots may be strong and go deeper underground than you know, and may also extend over larger parts of your yard than you realize. Without addressing the roots properly, you might simply tear up your lawn and damage pipes, underground cables, and the like.

3. Can a tree be salvaged with just the stump?

If you want to grow that particular tree again on your property, an arborist can tell you if that's feasible. Much of it will depend on why the tree was cut down and the condition of the roots and the stump. An arborist can recommend changes you might make to salvage the stump, such as grading your property to allow for more drainage. However, in some cases the stump may be damaged beyond repair and an arborist can tell you if it's better to simply pull it up and plant a new tree in its place.

For more information on tree stump removal, talk to a professional arborist in your area.